Spez The Gaslighter: Redirect Reddit to Respectable Frontends using StopTheMadness


If you find yourself wanting to distance yourself from Reddit due to spez, but find yourself visiting Reddit out of habit, one way to slowly get off of Reddit is to redirect it to Libreddit or Teddit; both of these are anonymous frontends for Reddit that allow you to view content, without having Reddit track your clicks, sell your information or attempt to profit off of you as a user, as this front ends don’t have accounts. If you regularly post on Reddit, this may be difficult; however, if you are a lurker, this will be much easier as you only absorb content.

Now, there are many ways you can go about this, but I prefer using LapCatSoftware‘s “StopTheMadness”; in conjunction with many other things that make the web better, it has the ability to redirect URLs.

Today, we’ll be utilizing this. After purchasing and downloading the add-on, enabling it in Safari (or other browsers) and clicking the icon, you’ll be met with the following popup, scroll down, and you’ll see “Custom URL redirects on all sites”:

If you don’t see two boxes above, you may only see “Add URL redirect”. If you use old.reddit.com and reddit.com, create two separate rules.

In the top box, we’ll have any reddit URL
Redirect to libreddit.kavin.rocks in the bottom box.

If you use old reddit, again, In the top box, we’ll have any old reddit URL
Redirect to libreddit.kavin.rocks in the bottom box.